Africa Indigenous Women Empowerment

Recognition and Awards

AIWE has received several recognitions for its impactful contributions to women’s empowerment and community development. this include recognition and awards from.


Women's Empowerment Awards

AIWE has been honored with awards specifically recognizing its outstanding contributions to the empowerment of women by organization name. AIWE received the "Empower Her Excellence Award" in 2020 for its innovative initiatives that significantly improved the lives of women in underserved communities.


Community Development Awards

The "Community Catalyst Award" received by AIWE in 2019 underscores the organization's pivotal role in catalyzing positive change and development within communities.


Humanitarian Recognitions

AIWE was honored with the "Humanitarian Impact Award" in 2018 for its swift and impactful response in providing assistance during a humanitarian crisis in a conflict-affected region.


Gender Equality Awards

The "Gender Equality Champion Award" bestowed upon AIWE in 2021 by office of vice president for gender cluster acknowledges its tireless work in breaking gender barriers and promoting equal opportunities.


Innovative Program Awards

AIWE received the "Innovation for Impact Award" in 2023 for its groundbreaking program that demonstrated creativity and effectiveness in tackling a specific social challenge.