Africa Indigenous Women Empowerment

Collaborations and Partnerships

AIWE,  the African Indigenous Women  Empowerment organization, actively engages in strategic collaborations with a diverse array of partners, including prominent United Nations (UN) agencies, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and various governmental bodies include the Office of Vice President on gender cluster.

These collaborations serve as a cornerstone of AIWE’s operational framework, allowing the organization to amplify and enrich its impact on communities across South Sudan.

Below is the lists of official partners that AIWE had MOU with so far:

  1. Ministry of Peace building
  2. Ministry of Gender Child and Social Welfare
  3. Ministry of Education
  4. Ministry of Humanitarian affair
  5. Ministry of Health Dams, Water and irrigation
  6.  Ministry of Health

In its concerted efforts to address multifaceted challenges, AIWE partners with UN agencies renowned for their expertise in humanitarian aid, development, and advocacy.

This collaborative approach ensures that AIWE leverages the collective knowledge, resources, and networks of these global entities to implement effective and sustainable programs that align with its mission of empowering women and marginalized communities.